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we're opening a beta round for my new course:

Automation Sales Unlocked: Using Manychat® To Make Money

This course is teaching automation material that has NEVER been taught before & we are running a second beta round to get feedback & testimonials on the brand new funnel we just added before we close the beta round again. Make sure to use the coupon "BETA" to save the $900.

what you get:

my entire system to making sales with automation tools like Manychat®

[BRAND NEW] I just released the funnel I've been testing for a few months that has skyrocketed my sales (It's so good I want you to implement as soon as possible!)

instructions are written in a step-by-step tutorial style so even the most "tech-challenged" can do this

detailed guidance around keeping this whole process honest and authentic (chatbots can get so spammy so fast!)

real-world examples of this automation so you can see it in action

clear directions on building intelligent automations that know which stage of the buying journey your potential customer is at (and responds appropriately)

insanely effective lead-generating templates you can use to immediately get people to run through your automation (this is how we plan to help you get sales in 24 hours)

[OPTIONAL] extra support for Manychat® & ads (if you want to run ads, you do not have to.)

$997 $97

use coupon "BETA" to save $900

(expires when beta round is full)

My goal for this course is that you get your first automated sale within 24 hours of enrolling.

Last week's automation data for us. This is what we want to show you how to do:

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What is expected of me if I join the beta round of this course?

When you join this beta round, you will have the option to fill out a survey at the very end of this course sharing your feedback. While not required, emailing or DMing any testimonials of the money you make from this course is always very much appreciated.

If I join during the beta round, how long will I have access to everything for?

Even though you're getting a steal of deal by joining this course during the beta round, you will have life-time access to all the materials. Don't worry, I got you! ;)

Who is this course a good fit for?

This course is a good fit for anyone, truly. And here's why: it's built with all skills levels in mind. So, if you're a beginner, we very carefully hold your hand and teach you each step very intentionally. But if you're a more advanced business owner, in the second half of the course, we dive into advanced strategies to leverage automations to make even more money. Finally, if you're an uber advanced busines owner and choose to run ads to your Manychat automations, we show you how to do that, too. (Remember, ads are completely optional and you do not need to run them to make good money with automations.)

Do you offer refunds?

If you've purchased a course of mine before, you'll know I never offer refunds on any downloadable products, including courses, so make sure you're all in before you join us!

Why haven't you taught this automation stuff before?

To be honest, I've spent the last 2 years pulling teeth trying to figure this all out! Let me tell you, most influencers and business owners do NOT want to share their automation secrets. Truth be told, it was insanely difficult to pry information out of them so I could try to piece together an entire A-Z system for making money with automations.

I'm worried automated sales will make me seem spammy. Can you speak to that, please?

You are so right, automations CAN get so spammy so fast and let's be real, it gives us all the ick. Transparency and honesty are at the core of this automation strategy. For example, one of the things I teach in this course is how to know what stage of the buying process your potential customer is in. That way, your automation actually speaks to THEM and isn't annoyingly shoving the wrong message down their throats. At the end of the day, you control every step of this automation process & I strongly recommend you build this in a way that feels ALIGNED with you. And it's a good business strategy, too, because money flows when there's alignment.

If I have a question about something I'm learning in the course, how can I get support?

So, the course is actually built very thoroughly and I'm not anticipating a lot of questions BUT if you do have a question, you can always ask it in my intimate student Facebook group. I share more info in the course about how to access that group, as well as a special group for Manychat users.

How is this different than Maria's popular "Passive Income With Instagram" course?

They are completely different programs! Passive Income with Instagram teaches you how to generate checkout page traffic with reels so you can make sales and this course dives deep into the automation side of my 7-figure business. There is SO much you can (& should) be automating in your business. If you already have Passive Income with Instagram, this automation course is the PERFECT next stage to take your passive income stream to a whole new level. I sincerely recommend you get in during the beta round, esp if you are already a current student of mine.

Btw, if this is in beta mode, why are you charging a $97 fee?

When this course is fully live, it's going to be $997. We are charging $97 to cover Maria's time in filming this course and also to cover the software fees we pay to host this course. Always remember, enrolling into any of Maria's courses are completely optional and we will never pressure you. It's YOUR choice. <3

If I joined in the first beta round, do I still get access to the brand new funnel?

Yes, absolutely! It's already loaded into the Kajabi portal, so you can implement that funnel today if you want.

If I have “Passive Income with Instagram”, should I take this automation course?

If you're asking me, I would say yes! They are completely different courses and teach totally different things. If you already have Passive Income with Instagram, this automation course is the PERFECT next stage to take your passive income stream to a whole new level.

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[HIGHLY RECOMMENDED] Important: if you want to save yourself 20+ hours, we strongly encourage you to upgrade your order to include Maria’s clone-able automations. When you snag these, you will literally get Maria’s EXACT automation funnels, all you will need to do is switch out her text for yours. If you get frustrated with tech easily, these are a must. If you don’t have a lot of time to squander, these are a must. If you simply trust Maria when she recommends something, these are a must. Included are her: Work With Me automation, Freebie automation, Coupon Followup automation & Digital Product Sales automation, amongst others. You can build these all from scratch but it’s just SO much easier to simply hit “Clone” and be done. [$57]

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