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We spent $500,000.00 on advertising so you don’t have to!

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After 3 years of debating if we would ever do this, Rose & I are finally releasing our entire process for running ads to get thousands of leads & customers per month!

What will you learn when you join?

Module One: Are You Ready To Seriously Uplevel Your Business With Ads?

► Video 1: Here's How to Maximize Your Success With Ads

► Video 2: Congrats On Your Investment!

► Video 3: What to Expect In This Course

► Video 4: Important Advice To Ads Newbies (From Seasoned Ads Veterans)

► Video 5: Case Study: We Taught This Strategy To A Bunch Of Millionaires

Module Two: Ad Secrets: What You've Been Missing All Along

► Video 1: This Is Why Our Ad Funnel Is SO Much Better Than Everyone Else's Funnel

► Video 2: What Exactly Should I Be Running Ads To?

► Video 3: [REAL LIFE] Actual Examples Of Things To Run Ads To

► Video 4: How We Get Such Jaw-Droppingly Good Conversion Rates, Part 1: A Walkthrough Of Our Landing Pages

► Video 5: How We Get Such Jaw-Droppingly Good Conversion Rates, Part 2: A Walkthrough Of Our Checkout Pages

► Video 6: [CRITICAL] How We Force Our Ads To Pay For Themselves

► Video 7: Get This Right or Massively Flop: A Deep Dive Into Our Ads Design

► Video 8: Everything You Need To Know About Ad Copy

Module Three: Getting Your Ad Machine Ready & Setting It All Up

► Video 1: So, How Much Do I Need To Spend Per Day? And Why?

► Video 2: Practical Tactical: The Two Main Audiences We Use

► Video 3: Practical Tactical: Checklist Of Everything You Need Before You Set Up Your Campaign

Module Four: Crush Your Campaigns By Copying Ours

► Video 1: Practical Tactical: Our Ad Campaigns Revealed For The FIRST Time EVER!! Part 1

► Video 2: Practical Tactical: Our Ad Campaigns Revealed For The FIRST Time EVER!! Part 2

Module Five: Scaling to 7-Figure Success and Overcoming Challenges

► Video 1: Practical Tactical: How to Track Your Ads to Stay Hyper Profitable

► Video 2: Practical Tactical: What To Do If Your Ads Aren’t Profitable: (Don’t Do What Most People Do!)

► Video 3: 4 Ways to Scale Your Ads Machine

► Video 4: SUPER IMPORTANT: Drill This Into Your Brain

► Video 5: What To Do If Your Facebook Account Is Banned Or Shut Down (Finally, A Solution!)

► Video 6: Our Secret Hack To Getting Good Reviews & Boosting Engagement On Our Ads

► Video 7: Don't Forget To Do This!!

Module Six: Wrapping Everything Up

► Video 1: How We Produced This Course…

► Video 2: [Maria Strongly Recommends] Upsells Will 10x Your Profits

► Video 3: As We End…

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