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How I Got My First 10,000 Followers On Instagram

There’s something so nice about having more than 10k followers on Insta. Not only can you use the swipe up feature which is super nice if you want to sell sh*t, but it just looks really professional.

Your ideal clients likely will come across your profile and perceive you as more of an expert - simply because of your follower count.

Not only that, but the obvious reality is: the more followers you have, the more money you make.

Over the last year, I slowly and steadily grew my account to over 10k -- without using bots or paying for ads. Today, I’d love to walk you through exactly how I did it.

Ready to go? Let’s do this thing together!!

My Love Bomb Strategy

Basically, the strategy is to leave them love first. So we initiate the friendship, show them a lot of engagement and they engage back. This puts us in the driver seats. Rather that sitting around waiting for people to find us, we go out and we find them.

Note: What are some critical things for you to know as we begin?

There are 3 things that most business coaches won't tell you about growing on Instagram:

This is not a strategy to grow followers fast. Any time a company promises fast results or fast growth, you can assume it’s bot growth that will TANK your engagement.

The best way to get people interested in you is for you to be interested in them. This is an old Dale Carnegie principle and frankly goes for all business, not just growth on Instagram.

Instagram loves it when you spend time on their platform. The more you put in, the more you get out of it. You will literally see a spike in your engagement simply from spending more time on the app. As someone that pulls in over $100k/month cash, let me tell you, this is time well-spent.

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Step One: Use IG Hashtags to find your ideal customers...

Most people use IG hashtags ALL WRONG.

How do most people use IG hashtags? They stick them in the photo caption or in the comments section, right? They cross their fingers and HOPE someone finds them.

It's a passive strategy, not a proactive one.

And frankly, it's not a very good one.

You want to use the hashtags to FIND people, not wait for them to find YOU.

This puts you in the driver's seat. No longer are you waiting around, hoping someone finds you. Instead, you go out and you find them.

You need to target the hashtags your ideal customers are using when THEY post on social media.

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Step Two: Sort by “Recent” Hashtags

You will see much better results and much better engagement if you reach out to people who post recently (rather than people whose photos display at the “Top”.

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Step Three: Like 5 Of Their Photos & Leave 3-5 Comments

Most people only like 3 photos (max). We are trying to capture their attention & so if we bomb them with lots of likes, the more the better :)

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When leaving comments, be sure to leave lengthy, valuable comments. You want to show that you REALLY care and you are really truly interested in your new friend!

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I used my sister's Instagram as a test and notice how I have “love bombed” her.

All her notifications are my smiling face leaving love <3.

Step Four: React to 3 or 4 of Their Stories

This is such a nice, little touch so that they see you really went deep.

We are looking to create a WOW factor; this allows us to really capture their intention and allow them to stand out.

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Step Five: Track Their IG Handle In a Google Sheet

This step is optional but helpful as you grow:

You can even track and see when they become a customer! (I highly recommend this because it will help you see the value of your time spent doing this!)

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Final Notes To Really Help You Succeed:

I highly recommend you do about 30/day.

At first, it will be a little slow but in my experience, over time you get really fast at it.

30 x 365 days in the year is 10,950 new followers.

Remember, you want growth that actually turns into customers!

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