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Our Ads Course

How we get our Facebook & Instagram ads to pay for themselves, and then some!

*currently on sale!

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After 3 years of debating if we would ever do this, Rose & I are finally releasing our entire process for running ads to get thousands of customers per month!

Regular Price: $2000

Today Price: $250

We spent over $800,000.00 on advertising so you don’t have to!

Our ads system requires NO:

no booking time-consuming sales calls

no free automated webinars

no creating endless freebies

no super long sales cycles

no filming long VSLs

no fancy, expensive video guy

no fronting thousands of dollars to an ads agency

no getting stuck in the follow up loop

Instead, here's how our proven ads system works:

Step 1. Someone sees my simple ad on FB or IG


Step 2: They click on my ad


Step 3: And because our ads get in front of the right people, they buy my digital product!

So simple, right? We did all the heavy lifting to figure this out all you have to do is deploy my system.

What's included?

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my entire ads system for getting thousands of new sales each month (nothing held back!)

instructions are shown in a step-by-step tutorial style so even the most "tech-challenged" can do this

my actual ad copy and EVEN my ad targeting (99% of advertisers keep this to themselves!)

a detailed and thorough walk-through of my sales pages, so you can replicate them in your business

our secret hacks to getting jaw-dropping conversion rates

our profitable scaling ads methods (this can be the trickiest part to figure out on your own!)

our exclusive $5/day ads strategy that you can implement right away if you don't have a big ads budget

[bonus] our secret way of getting amazing reviews and boosting the engagement on our ads to get even more eyeballs on them

[bonus] a step-by-step checklist of everything you need so you can get your ads up in less than 24 hrs

Want a sneak-peek preview?

My ads manager (and sister!) Rose walks you through a little sneak-peek of everything we teach in our ads course! Give it a watch ↓

Regular Price: $2000

Today Price: $250

Not sure if this ads system will actually work for you? My student Katie was worried about that too...

She purchased this course, watched it and asked for a refund. But then changed her mind about the refund and decided to actually trust our process.

She made $26K in two months (and much more now!) and was so grateful she asked to meet me in person.

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Regular Price: $2000

Today Price: $250

Here's why every business owner needs to run ads:

(even if you're just getting started!)

Note: no payment plans are available at this time. Due to the digital nature of this these products, we do not offer refunds.

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The 8-Figure Advertising Lab

[STRONGLY RECOMMEND]: Unlock all 47 of our very best, most-profitable ads, templates, and scripts that have made us millions of dollars. Most advertisers NEVER share their actual ads because it’s just too valuable & they work too hard to test & see which ads work and which ones don’t.  So us deciding to share our winning ads is actually unheard of.  This lab will save you THOUSANDS of wasted ad dollars, because you'll create winning, profitable ads right from the start using this lab! 

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