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Get My Entire Passive Income With Instagram Business Model*

learn how I sell 2500+ digital products per month, all completely on autopilot

*currently on sale!

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Perfect if you're a complete beginner to making passive income (includes everything you need!)

What's included?

My entire system for making passive income with Instagram ($200k+ each month!)

A complete & thorough guide to creating insanely popular digital products that everyone wants (works for EVERY industry!)

My step-by-step process to leveraging Instagram to send you thousands of customers for free (I enroll about 2500 customers per month.)

The opportunity to access everything you need to get more money per customer, aka more profit in your bank account. (I went from getting $24 per customer to $400 per customer!)

A complete breakdown on how to simplify your business so you only need to work 10 hours per week (critical if you want passive income!)

Regular Price: $997

Today Price: $247*

*currently on sale!

Success stories:


“I make so much passive income I'm a little bored now.” - real testimonial, see below ⬇️

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^ she made sales as soon as she turned on her passive income business!

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^ she's on track for $100k months!

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BTW, can this work if I don't really have any followers?

Yes!! I created a brand new Instagram account to prove this works even if you don't have ANY followers at all. My brand new account had 0 followers and no one knew about it. Within 3 DAYS on this brand new account, I had a reel pop off AND make me $735. $0-$735 in 3 days!!!! (Btw, most of my students have less than 500 followers, so you're fine.)

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Maria, do you really pull $200,000 per month while only working a few hours per week?

Yes! Although, these days it's getting closer to $300k months, cash collected. If you go to, I actually have full financial disclosures & proof of income, including what I spend my money on each month, down to the penny. I am known for being very transparent & extremely honest and truthful.

Do you really teach this in a simple step-by-step tutorial style?

Yes! Think of my teaching style like following a recipe! I know that we are all really busy and simply don't have the time to figure out stuff by ourselves. So I teach in simple, clear, easy-to-follow steps. Step #1 leads to Step #2 and Step #2 leads to Step #3 and so on.

Is this for beginners or more advanced?

It's actually both & let me explain. This is the complete & entire guide to how I make passive income with Instagram. I didn't leave anything out, it's ALL there. This means (if you're more advanced!) a few of the videos will seem basic BUT (if you're a beginner!) you will appreciate me carefully teaching all the details. At the same time, I teach really strategic stuff that will fill in the gaps for more advanced business owners. So if you're more advanced, just skip the beginner videos & go right to the core strategy.

What’s the difference between this course and your popular “24 courses for $24 bundle”?

They’re super different! The 24 courses that I have bundled up are on various business topics. Passive Income with Instagram is a step-by-step walkthrough on HOW I sell those 24 courses completely passively. It’s like a complete behind the scenes walk through of my current 7-figure business model. (This Passive Income with Instagram course will only be exclusively sold on this page & will never be bundled with the 24 courses bundle.)

Does this course teach that MRR (or Master Resell Rights) I've been hearing about?

Most definitely NOT. I would strongly caution you against doing anything with MRR. (Feel free to Google more.) Passive Income with Instagram teaches you how I make my own digital low-ticket products & sell them via free traffic from Instagram.

Does this require paid ads to work?

Nope!! All sales come from free traffic from Instagram, no ads needed!

Do I need a lot of Instagram followers for this to work?

Nope! Most of my successful students have less than 1000 followers. If you have more than 100 followers, you'll be more than fine.

Can this course show me how to take some of my coaching content & turn it into a low-ticket offer to make passive income?

Yes, it can! If you're a coach or service provider, you're probably feeling a little stuck in the "trading time for money" rat wheel. You're probably making decent money but you're also ready for more passive income that doesn't rely on you showing up to a Zoom call. The solution: use the work you've already done to make a digital product that you sell on autopilot. (True sales in your sleep.) This course shows you exactly how to do that. IMPORTANT NOTE: you do not NEED to be a coach in order to make passive income with Instagram. I have students who do all kinds of different things in all different industries.

Will this work for my industry?

Answer Yes! I intentionally created this course so it would be applicable to every industry. I have such a wide range of diverse business owners in my community & I really wanted them all to be able to use this resource. Body

Do you show me how to grow organically my Instagram followers?

Here's how it works: I show you how to use Instagram to make PASSIVE INCOME. However, as a byproduct of using Instagram to make money, you also naturally attract a lot of followers. Yes, your Instagram following will DRAMATICALLY grow but you won't even really notice because you'll be so much more excited about the MONEY you're making. Make sense?

Want to see a sneakpeek of the course?

Please note: Due to the digital nature of this these products, we do not offer refunds.

I run a passive income business so my sister Rose & I can stay home & give our babies an affluent & abundant life.

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But this is our why. Yours might be different. Why do you want passive income?

If you got $200,000 deposited in your bank account, what would you do with it?

✅ Would you pay off your car?

✅ Would you hire your sibling to come work for you?

✅ Would you take your family to Disney World?

✅ Would you put it into your retirement?

Ok, now what would you do with $200k the NEXT month? (Remember, I make $200,000 every single month!)

✅ Would you pay off your parents’ house?

✅ Would you quit your job?

✅ Would you make a big donation to a cause you care about?

✅ Would you pay for your cousin’s college?

There’s too much you’re missing by NOT having a successful passive income business, come join us.

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